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Got questions? Hopefully, we've got the answers
Why is Tap Tourist only based in Manchester?

Because we're from Manchester, it made perfect sense to start Tap Tourist in a city we've drank many pints in before. We'd love to expand in to other cities and are looking for people from other cities to contribute to other city guides. So if you're interested, get in contact with us.

How do I submit a place?

You can head over to the submit page to add a place to our list. We generally take up to 3 days to accept a place once it's submitted. This is to ensure the information is correct and that the place currently doesn't exist in our list.

How do I edit / remove a place?

If you run a place that is featured on our list, you can get in touch to amend any details on it. We only accept amends from an email address associated with that company though, so don't be too scared when we ask for verification.

If you want to remove a place (Oh no!) then also get in touch and we'll remove it.

How do I add my place to a collection?

Sorry, but our collections are curated by us to make them unique and interesting. But if you want to suggest a place for a collection please add it first.

How can I keep up to date with Tap Tourist?

If you want to be notified when a new place, collection, event or route is added to Tap Tourist then make sure you join our mailing list.

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A little guide to finding the best craft beer spots in and around Manchester, UK
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